Television Repair

Over 80 years of combined experience in television repair. We service most makes and models including DLP, LCD, Plasma, and Rear Projection TVs for the following companies:
    * Panasonic
    * Samsung
    * Sharp
    * Sony
    * Toshiba
    * Vizio
    * Mitsubishi
    * Pioneer
    * Many more...

PC Repair

Do you remember the Intel based XT Computer? How about MS DOS 4.0?

We do. That's how long we have been servicing computers. Our Technicians were part of the team that built Erol's Internet.

This experience gives us the ability to troubleshoot computer problems quickly. In the past 20 years, we have seen it all.

Viruses, Windows corruption, failed hard drives are no problem. Laptop or Desktop, we will bring it back to life and have you back communicating with the world quickly.